Richie Hawtin Thrown Out Of Berghain!


“World-renowned Canadian/German DJ Richie Hawtin was reportedly kicked out of the dark confines of infamous Berlin techno club Berghain club this weekend.

Known for their strict door policy and leader with the tattooed face, bouncers at the club are said to have ejected a group of revellers, including Hawtin, due to questionable behaviour. Apparently, a curtain dividing the DJ booth and back room came crashing down and all behind it were thrown out. Deep Dish’s Dubfire reported via his Twitter account that” “the bouncers were TOTAL pricks… and roughed up alot of our crew : ( .”

Hawtin chose to use some harsher words via his own Twitter, “U know what, BERGHEIM is a great club once you are inside, but why does the door policy have to be so fucking ridiculously hard. Come on guys, you have a great club but don’t act so egotistically cool. We would all love to play and work with you, but you need a serious atitude adjustment!!! Good luck and remember those who have been supporting your scene before you even opened.”

We would have thought that after all these years, Hawtin might be able to spell the club’s name, but then again, we also thought he would never be escorted out (involuntarily, that is).”

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